Wall Street to France: The Series

Wall Street to France Cover

Wall Street to France

“Sophie Becks dreamed of being a successful stockbroker, in a world where men dominated and thought of women as showpieces, rather than equal partners. Even though Sophie was born into a family of wealth, she longed for a life of independence and freedom on her own terms. Finding that she has a special gift for being a broker, and making her first million in a matter of months, her life is turned upside down when her handsome George Clooney-like boss sends her off to his oceanfront Hamptons mansion. Sophie soon discovers on this trip that it’s not the sand nor the waves that catch her fancy and her heart, it’s the mysterious, dark-haired, Arabian man next door who causes her to reconsider her life and career as she knows them. But, who exactly is this man, and why does this affair disturb Sophie’s boss, Duren, so very much? In the end, she must choose between love, her lucrative career on Wall Street, and an enchanted life of Le Pin wine, Pule cheese, and men playing polo in Provence. To whom or what will she say au revoir?”

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“A rendezvous in France finds Sophie Becks in a whirlwind of romance entwined with family gossips and overstated chateaux. Her overly austere father and her mother, the First Lady of the Brookvilles, push her in the direction of accepting the proposal of Luc: a Frenchman with exquisite taste for life’s fineries and a lifestyle she is well accustomed to.

While Sophie and her cousin Pierre jaunt to the coast of St. Jean Cap Ferrat in France, will she be tempted to reunite with her ex–an Arabian playboy–or steady herself for the oath of I do?

A life of decision awaits. Most importantly, she must choose between the love that once beckoned or her upbringing in an éclat society that most can only dream of. Destiny is calling–will Sophie Becks be able to keep up in her Christian Louboutins? Or will her father’s last request throw her into a life untraveled?

Quelle vie!”

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