Dear Charlie

Dear Charlie was what was written on plain paper in ink stain bouts.Oh, why would a friend leave without a goodbye, his mind ached aloud.Where the waves crashed no more and over the walls of a mansion, vines grew and rabbits skittered on acres of green.Charlie became ill and all he knew was the words the walls caterwauled.Clocks ticking, Marco skipping, Hayley scampered far away, his family was there to help him through his bitter blue dingy, lonely days.Oh what a rigmarole is this sort of a tale!

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Milly in the Hamptons: A Photographic Summer

In a quaint storybook town in Long Island, graced by many harbors, lives Milly. This summer, her dad bought them a home on the ocean, where they’ll be spending their summer in the Hamptons. Upon settling into her new summer home, Milly meets her odd, but exciting new neighbor, who might just hold the answers to the mystery of the golden key that she and her friend, Lou, found last summer on the beach in Montauk. If she finds out to whom the key belongs, will she give it back to its rightful owner?

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Charlie in Venice

In a picturesque town on Long Island, in an old English mansion, overlooking the ocean, lives Charlie. Charlie’s life is changed when he was diagnosed with a special condition. On his journey from Long Island to “the city of shimmering canals,” Venice, he learns to treasure all that life brings ashore. There’s an old legend, that was told many years ago: In Venice, “miracles happen if you simply believe.” This one’s for you, Charlie…

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Milly Goes to Monauk

Where the waves crash on the sand, the sea gulls fly and the lighthouse shines, there you will find Milly! Milly is a little girl that lives on Long Island and loves Montauk. On a summer day she meets Lou, a Long Island native, and Frankie, his dog. Somewhere on Long Island it is written, “There’s no place like Montauk!”

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of this book will be donated to the United Cerebral Palsy Foundation (www.ucp.org) in the honor of Milly’s brother, Fehren.

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